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Meet our Yoga/Pilates Instructors:
Chelsea Wirth & Kristina Milionta-MacPherson

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Not a member? Not a problem! Anyone is able to take any of our yoga/pilates classes! Call the pro shop for more information!

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NEW CLASS: Yoga Stretch & Flex:

Mondays at 6:45pm ,  with Nicole!

This class is geared toward de-stressing, unwinding, and rejuvenating the body and mind.  This well rounded evening practice will move students through slower vinyasa style flows building heat, stretch and strengthen the body by holding postures and prepare body/mind for a restful night by connecting to the breath.  This is an all levels class as props and modifications will be offered for proper alignment and ease in postures.

Members-  $16 (Bundle $10)

Non-Members- $20 (Bundle $16)

*Bundle and Save!

Yoga Fundamentals:


If you are interested in this class please contact  Chelsea to schedule a class time!

This class is designed as an introduction to the basics of yoga practice with a focus on breathing techniques, relaxation, and body awareness in basic postures. Come and enjoy this learning experience or use this class as an opportunity to bring awareness to your current practice. Prop assistance is available and all levels are welcome.

Members- $8 (Bundle $5)
Non-Members- $10 (Bundle $8)

*Bundle and Save!

Yoga Stretch & Flex:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:45am-10:45am ,  with Chelsea

In this class we will work developing a personal practiced based on our awareness of the body. Adapting each pose to fit how our muscles are feeling and enabling the most benefit from each pose as we work to stretch the body while increasing flexibility in both muscle and spine, taking notice throughout our sessions in changes and improvements. Prop assistance is available and all levels are welcome.

Members-  $16 (Bundle $10)

Non-Members- $20 (Bundle $16)

*Bundle and Save!

Yoga Flow: COMING BACK SOON! Check back or give us a call at (302) 421-2012 for more update information!


This is a traditional Vinyasa Flow style class is designed to bring balance, flexibility, and strength through breath and body/posture awareness. Come and join us for this invigorating yet relaxingexperience. All Levels of practice are welcome.

Members- $16
Non-Members- $20

*Bundle and Save!


Mondays at 10:15 -11:15 am, with Kristina

In this 55-minute class, we will seek to balance the body through controlled, sequential movements designed to efficiently create long and lean muscles.  These exercises are done by moving the spine in its four primary directions (flexion, extension, side-bending, and twisting), and utilize a specific order and progression as the core becomes stronger.  We link breath and movement, anatomy and imagery, mind and body.  Suitable for all levels!  Come see what a leaner, stronger, more flexible and focused body and mind can bring to your day!

Members- $16 (Bundle $10)
Non-Members-  $20 (Bundle $16)

*Bundle and Save!

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga:


If you are interested in this class please contact  Chelsea to schedule a class time!

Tailoring practice for changes in our bodies preparing for pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. Focusing on breath, strength, and body awareness connecting with baby and ourselves. Contact Chelsea for more information.

Members-  $16 (Bundle $10)
Non-Members-  $20 (Bundle $16)

*Bundle and Save!

RAW Fitness Bundle!

Purchase 10 half hours of fitness for an even greater discount. These can be used for ANY group fitness class offered at the DuPont Country Club by the RAW Tennis and Fitness staff.

Members- $50 (Save $30)
Non-Members- $80 (Save $20)

*Must be used within 60 days.

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