Functional Strength

Functional Strength

Posted by: #Hincks

Unless you are training to play the role of Hercules in a major motion picture, you don’t need massive pecks or monstrous arms. For both recreational and elite athletes, it is more effective to develop functional strength than hulking muscles. Using body weight exercises, medicine balls, and resistance bands, is a great way to increase your strength in ways that will benefit you beyond the beach.

Medicine balls allow for the athlete to mimic actions that will be used in their own sport. Therefore, strength and muscle recruitment patterns can become trained effectively and simultaneously. Most gym equipment restricts range of motion and isolates muscle groups, which hinders the development of proper muscle recruitment patterns. Furthermore, stationary machines do not require the athlete to stabilize weight while it is in motion, which can result in inequalities between muscle strength and muscle/tendon stabilization capabilities. Such inequalities can lead to less effective performance or even injury.

Additionally, body weight and resistance band exercises provide for a means to strengthen muscles without enduring unnecessary joint pressure. For this reason, they are the ideal type of exercise for young athletes who’s bones are still maturing and developing. In much the same way, these exercises are well suited for rehabilitation, persons with pre-existing conditions, and the elderly as they are at more risk of injury during exercise.

So, save the 24 inch biceps and racks of 45 lbs plates for the bouncer at the bar. Replace them instead with a fast paced and well orchestrated compilation of medicine ball, body weight, and resistance band exercises to build strength that you can actually use.
RAW FITNESS Bootcamp classes are structured to develop functional strength using the aforementioned methods.

If you have questions, or are interested in participating please call 302.421.2012 and ask for Chris or Contact me, #Hincks.

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