Introducing Nicholas Lynch!

Introducing Nicholas Lynch!

Posted by:Nick
Our new personal trainer is ready to get you into shape! Stretching is an integral part of any workout routine. Here are a few benefits of stretching, as well as a few examples of what you can do at home.



  • Increased Circulation: Circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to be carried to the bodies’ organs and muscles. These are needed for proper function, strength, movement and flexibility.


  • Flexibility: As we age, our muscles become shorter and tighter. Continuing to be flexible allows you to exercise safely.


  • Increased Range of Motion : Increased range of motion helps with balance reducing the risk of falling and injury.


  • Reduce Stress: Stress can causes muscles to contract, making them tense. Light stretching relaxes tense muscles associated with stress.


  • Alleviate Low Back Pain: Stretching is a good way to strengthen low back muscles, thus reducing soreness and pain.


Live a more comfortable lifestyle and start stretching! Try out any of our Yoga/Pilates classes! Email Nick today to set up a personal training session


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