Junior Clinics


For more information or to sign up please Email Joel at jirwin@dupontcc.com!


This group is to develop basic skills of movement, catching, throwing and hitting.  Players will be working on handling racquet, increasing their understanding of ball flight (height, depth, and width); and hitting on forehand and backhand side. Player will also start to develop their underhand or overhand serve.


This group is to develop athletic, technical and game skills for the tennis environment. They will gain better knowledge of handling the racquet, tracking the ball with increased anticipation of bounce position, increasing understanding of height, depth and width of ball flight, while learning the basic forehand and backhand (GPS: Grip, Preparation, Swing Path). Players will all switch to the overhand serve, start to learn the service return as well as the basic volley.

Orange Ball

In this group players will begin to develop tennis-appropriate athletic, technical, game and competitive skills. While developing understanding of pace and spin on ball flight on the forehand, backhand (stance grip, shape of shot, types of spin), serve (grip, stance, arm action, rhythm, contact, rotation, types of spin), service return; they will learn change of direction, approach shot to volley and the overhead.

Green Ball

In this group players will begin to combine tennis-appropriate technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills for competition.  By using their forehand and backhand, serve, and service return. Players will learn to hit rising or falling balls, and approach shots to hit high or low volleys.

Yellow Ball

Players will start to work on their consistency and accuracy of depth with a variety of pace and spin. They will improve anticipation skills of their opponent to increase shot options, while developing understanding of their opponent’s actions on ball. Players will develop strengths by using pace and direction to move opponent, recognition of opponent’s weakness on short balls, and developing their ability to control the point.

Varsity Prep I

This group is for players who are looking to sharpen their skills for the upcoming spring tennis season; by focusing on intense footwork and consistency, learning to be confident with their shots and how to make the right decisions on and off the court.

Varsity Prep II

This group is for players beginning to develop a proactive and aggressive mindset on the court; by showing confidence with consistency and structuring points, trying to finish points at the net and being able to place their serve using different spins.

RAW Prep (Invite Only)

This group is dedicated towards developing the complete player. In singles competition players will become more proactive with decision making with high level footwork and consistency and players are now able to finish points at net.  In doubles competition players are learning to change positions,  the role of the net player, as well as communication with their partner. Players and coaches will also start to work on their conditioning of a tennis athlete. This group is the perfect fit before participating in our academy program.

Refund Policy:

Session fees should be paid in full prior to the 1st day of class. No refunds permitted once the session begins. 

Makeup Policy:

One makeup class is offered per session, if there is space. Makeup classes should be rescheduled within the current session.

RAW Insight

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