Save Your Day with Interval Training!

Save Your Day with Interval Training!

Posted by: #Hincks

Having difficulty finding time for the gym in your busy schedule? News flash! You don’t need hours to get in an effective workout. Interval training is an approach that reduces the amount of overall time to achieve desired results by coupling short bursts of moderate or high intensity exercise with low intensity breaks.

The basic principle of this type of exercise is that the body can accomplish more work, overall, by working at high intensity, even with short breaks, than it can by working at moderate intensity for a longer duration. An example of this would be, a workout in which an athlete sprints for one minute and walks for one minute (repeated six times for 12mins) can be equally as effective as a 20-30 minute jog at a moderate pace. The intensity and/or duration of intervals can be adjusted to achieve differing results. Training at higher intensities for shorter periods (i.e. max sprint 20s+ 1 min walk) trains the anaerobic energy systems of the body. This type of training is particularly useful for athletes whose sports require intermittent sprints, such as tennis players. Working at a moderate intensity (1 min 70% run + 1 min walk) works the aerobic energy systems. This type of training is useful for athletes who must exercise for longer durations.









Interval training can be as sport specific or as general as you like. Running is just one example of an activity that can be converted into a training program. Rowing, swimming, biking, or just about any other physical activity can be transformed into an interval method, which will save you precious time and make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Regardless of your fitness level or goals, interval training can be an extremely helpful tool. Whether you’re aiming for sport specific gains, or simply a workout short enough to complete during lunch, interval training can make sure you stay on target. Contact me, #Hincks, for help in setting up an interval workout just for you.

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