RAW Academy

RAW Academy

What is the RAW Academy?

The RAW tennis academy was founded in 2006 to fill the void for committed competitive junior tennis players in the Delaware area. The focus is simple, provide junior tennis players with year round intensive practice and training they need to achieve their tennis goals. We focus on four core aspects of each players developmental which are; technical, mental, shot tolerance and physical. Players practice between 2-4 days a week and every practice ends with 30 minutes of conditioning lead by one of the RAW Fitness staff.

Contact Joel Irwin at jirwin@dupontcc.com for more information.


Summer 2019 RAW Academy:

During the evaluation for RAW Prep and RAW Academy, each player with be assessed based on stroke production, movement, consistency, physical conditioning, and enthusiasm. During summer clinic, with only four children to a court, players will focus on solid stroke technique, footwork, and live ball drills. The morning will consist of feeding and consistency drills while the afternoon includes point and match play. At 2:30, the players will participate in fitness and conditioning which involves sprints, footwork/agility drills, and weight lifting. This clinic is very intense and the player needs to show strong motivation to work hard and improve.

RAW Academy Summer Tryout! 

Location: DuPont Country Club

*Call (302) 421-2012 and ask for Joel or Tim if you have any questions!



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