Yoga for the Busy Mom

Yoga for the Busy Mom

Posted by: #Chels

Getting in a workout while juggling work, appointments, laundry, cleaning, playtime, naps, feedings, baths, and maybe the occasional shower for you is one of the biggest challenges I’ve found being a new mom. So how can you do it while trying to manage all the rest on your list that proceeds yourself? Here are a few suggestions I have. They actually came naturally.

Well, by that I mean I found myself in these yoga poses while I play and interact with my son. By being aware of this I can make sure I am putting in the effort to get the posture correct giving me a workout while checking off everything else on my long list of daily “to do’s”.



We mommies often find ourselves sitting and bending down to kiss the baby or play with them. Why not take that seated position to a plank and get in a full body workout? Starting in a full plank, engaging the core, and then bending the elbows, tucking them into your sides, moving to crocodile pose, and giving baby a kiss. *Please make sure that before you try this you feel confident in your ability to hold plank over baby. You can also do this with a half plank, creating a nice line from the knees through the spine.

baby plank




I found myself in this pose, in an unhealthy, unaligned, sort of way trying to get up off the floor while holding my son. I soon realized it was a better option to get up first and then pick him up. But why not take this lesson and use it?

From a standing position with baby, come down into chair pose; checking knee and ankle alignment, that the knee is in a 90-degree angle with the ankle, and holding the position. This is a great workout for the legs. Make sure to also check that the spine is a nice line from the hinge in the hips through the crown of the head. If you need to build up some strength to get confident to hold baby here without falling (or are home alone when doing this), please do this at the edge of a couch so that your bottom can safely have a resting place.

baby chair



Knees to Chest

I noticed a possible workout opportunity when playing “Airplane” with my son one morning. It is simple really. Lay on a nice flat surface (not a bed or couch). With your knees bent, feet on the floor, place baby on the feet. Holding baby firmly (you can also wrap the arms around baby if your knees come that far to the chest), bring knees to chest. You can hold here for a stretch, or add in a spinal twist, letting your knees twist over to one side, back to the center, and to the opposite side. I do not recommend doing this exercise without someone else around, or before baby can hold his or her head up well and starts to sit. The twist will engage the core and give you a great workout.

baby knees

As always, SAFETY FIRST. Never do anything unless you feel you are ready and that it will be a safe and fun experience for you and your child!

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