Your Wake Up Call!

Your Wake Up Call!

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Find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? No, really, literally, our bodies can be stiff, tiered, and suffering from whatever awkward position we slept in the night before. There are three flow poses in yoga that are great for awakening the muscles and mind while helping us find balance for the day ahead.


    • This is just all around one of my favorites. Having the upper back issues I do from carrying by son around, this one really gets me going. Starting in Reaching Mountain pose with the feet a little more than shoulder width apart, as we inhale. Exhaling, we then squat, opening the legs, sweeping the arms downward, pinching the should blades together and bringing the elbows into our sides. Inhaling again coming back to the Reaching Mountain. Great for: legs, upper back, and shoulders.













    • To stretch out that low back we can move to this pose. Starting as we do in Moonflower in the Reaching Mountain for the inhale. Exhaling and squatting with the legs just as in Moonflower. We are only changing what our upper body is doing. We are sweeping the arms around and down as we lead with the chest in a forward fold. Great for: legs, low back, core, and arms.













    • Finally bringing in some balance with this one. Starting with our feet shoulder width apart, we will again start with the inhale for a Reaching Mountain. Exhaling now and sitting back, bending the knees, rounding the arms and reaching forward. Great for: legs, shoulders, arms, and core.












Wake Up!
Moonflower – 10 breaths
Sunflower – 10 breaths
Chair – 10 breaths

Things to keep in mind with all poses: Make sure to first and foremost always keep an eye on your back alignment. Even when we hinge forward at the hips we want a line from the hip up through the crown of the head. Speaking of alignment, checking that our knees stay at or behind the ankles in all the poses is a must to prevent knee injury.

Heres to the start of a great day. Namaste.


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